We engage with everything from the brain to the heart of an organization, tackling individual listed segments or a combination of more. We define this with you.

Designing the operating model

with systems, structure, processes, people roles and skills

Operating model is a representation of how an organization delivers value to its customers as well as how an organization runs itself. The main goal of designing the operating model is to create organization which will be able to apply corporate business strategy. Not on paper, but in reality.

We will take strategic goals as the main input and improve the ways how work is done in the organization. We will answer the questions which internal units (should) exist, what is (should be) their scope of work, what roles (should) exist and with which responsibilities, what systems (would) support efficient and effective work production, which skills need to be upgraded and which incentives would drive long-term improvements including organizational behavior.

Organizational diagnostics

for identification of gaps, tensions, legacy challenges and pain-points.
We focus on the source, not symptoms

Using systems approaches (systems thinking tools) we create a deep insight into organizational dynamics. We will engage and deeply understand both – visible as well as invisible forces that make our current reality. We will make a map of the strengths and weaknesses of specific organizational ecosystem, search for patterns, system variables and their correlations.

The result will be a list of well-framed problems that should be addressed. You will understand why they arose and how the reality would look like without them.

Designing solutions

for improvement of identified challenges – holistically & sustainability

The (human-centered) design is what makes our eyes sparkle. The process of creating “the new reality” brings excitement for all. Here, we are shaping the future.

We will guide the process of designing solutions based on defined design criteria and clear desired outcomes. With will engage with all relevant minds, and harness the power of collective intelligence. We will create prototypes, each presenting a different version of reality. With the simulation of their impacts on the world, we will choose one solution in the end.

Implementing change

with an unique combination of change projects supported by
a communication flow to achieve desired outcomes

We believe that the process of change is equally important than the result itself and that change resistance is a reaction against the unknown.

We equally focus on the hard part (project activities, timeline, desired outcomes, and KPIs) and soft parts (perception, emotions, understanding, trust, motivation). Communication is the ultimate driving force and that`s why we equip change projects with a holistic communication plan.

We focus on establishing the right energy for change and harness the power of informal organization.

Building organizational culture

as an opportunity to create additional competitive advantage and positively differentiate your organization from others

Organizational culture is a reflection of the internal systems, structure, roles, people and their styles. It is the product of the current state, as well as events, emotions, and perceptions from the past. We can help you to understand what is the current state of culture, where are (hidden) barriers and why they arose. To create a healthy culture is a demanding task, and we can help you with designing a roadmap of systemic and operational activities, a complete culture program that will align behavior with organizational values.

Growing teams

with training focused on problem-solving, strengthening connections
and learning through experience

We love to engage with different teams and work hands-on in solving problems. Designatlons (design marathons) are especially fun because they are the whole day (or two) long and have the capacity to electrify the atmosphere.

Training with the palette of new knowledge, concrete results, humor, pristine human connections, is where the magic happens.

Let`s create together