We follow 6 main principles throughout our work. They operationalize our values and differentiate us from the rest.

We dig deep

There is no superficial way to truly understand the organizational dynamics. We don`t offer instant solutions, because they don`t exist. Only when we manage to frame the challenge good enough, the solution can work. Instead of fixing the symptom, we focus on the source of the problem.

We already know you`re unique

Every person, team, and organization is unique, and so should be a process of designing interventions in your organization. The combination of flows of data, information, work, processes, power, culture and history is like a unique organizational fingerprint, … and like with fingerprints, they should not be copy-pasted.

We work with you

We work with you, not just telling you what to do. We believe that organizational change outcomes can be achieved only when being designed and introduced inside an organization. We would like to be with you from the beginning till the end when the change becomes the new normal.

Work and fun go hand in hand

We love intensity and dynamics. We design our work in a way that our time together is full of creative supernovas, drawing, brainstorming, experiencing »wow« moments and much more. Laugh is guaranteed.

Sustainability comes first

We believe that the overall benefit of an organization outweighs individual benefit or interest. Sustainability is all about long-term success and for that we need long-lasting solutions. Individual partial interests are normal and legit, but our focus is organizational health and we`re only interested in sustainable holistic solutions.

We allign with your purpose

Every organization has its purpose – the reason to exist. It truly does, even if it is not clearly defined. Successful organizations cherish their identity and build their recognition towards the market (brand) as well as internally (employee engagement, motivation). We help you to align internal operating systems and people mindset with organizational purpose. Then, you are the winner!

Let`s create together